Past and present.

I don’t know how Your life, say a year ago, has been but, assumingly, for most of you it might’ve been different – for better or worse.

And with that there always comes hindsight…or to put it more simply – comparing how you were doing back then to now. Some of You might be glad you’re past whatever was happening at the time, for example a year ago, while some of you would be smiling – going back to when things might’ve been better or simply different – in its positive sense.

But what if…nothing has changed? Everything’s seemingly the same for most part, but yet despite that there’s a feeling of something lost, that even if the today is no different to yesterday, there’s a feeling of sadness because you’re no longer in the past? …

See, this is what i’ve been feeling and I have not been able to find an answer as to why that is – perhaps it’s that a year ago i’ve had hopes that haven’t been realized in the future (today), and simply wish to hold them once again? Maybe it’s simply the fact that i’m aware of time passing and/or no changes in my life being made? Maybe it’s all merely all an illusion – maybe I simply hate my life situation of today, the same that I had in the past and further back… or what if it’s all of those combined? Truly, I don’t know an answer, a definite one, and trying to figure one which one it is futile.

I’m positive that i’m not the only one out there who might share the same feeling, but I digress – I just wish for You to have a life that is not in stagnation, so you don’t have to share this feeling, as it is not pleasant but rather torturous…

While the song isn’t nearly as relevant to the theme of this post, I can identify with one of the part of lyrics…”I simply don’t understand my life”…

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