A small thought on judging.

We are often witnesses of events and situations, that bring out a reaction from us and which we form an opinion about – that is to judge in my view, and perhaps I might be incorrect. And some things have no space for having several judgements – there can be only one that is correct in extreme cases.

But let’s talk about the other end of an extreme situation…of suicide. Can there be a judgement made? An opinion formed? Is anyone truly capable of judging such thing?

No. In order to understand someone’s decision or willingness to take it, it is necessary to know how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking and their situation and unfortunately, we cannot directly enter the mind of another person in hopes of acquiring such information. You can of course also speak with them, but can we be sure that their words reflect the truth, that it isn’t simply hidden away somewhere? That their mind won’t suddenly flip and do the opposite of what you’ve been told – that they’re fine and won’t do such thing?

No, I don’t believe so. Therefore I find it impossible to judge that. Or judge someone’s fears – everyone has a different one for different reasons and with different backstory behind it, it is not up to anyone to decide what a person should and can fear and what they shouldn’t. Or judge someone’s feelings arising from a certain situation, moment, experience – like depression after having experienced some hardship of their own, that they cannot bear and take.

Apologise in advance for any lack of coherence, logic and errors, I’m not well with my sleep at time of writing. But I often have thoughts, especially at night, that I fail to write down or forget about. With this, I hope to keep them somewhere and share at same time. Hope it’ll be a short and maybe good or thoughtful read for some of you, at least.

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